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Off White Masks Are Going Through a Trend

Off White Arrow Mask

Off White masks set off a new wave. They simply moved the patterns previously used on the T-shirts to black, yellow, or white masks, and they could easily sell a mask for $150. But in the world of streetwear, everything is possible.

What kind of people will pay for such masks? According to the survey, most of them are video bloggers, TikTok video producers, and Youtubers. Although the impact of COVID is still continuing, people can’t wait to walk out of their homes. Wearing such an Off White mask will make you look cool on the street!

But one interesting thing is that the number of requests for cheap fake off white masks on the Internet is huge. Because of this year’s situation, many young people who love streetwear have lost their jobs, and they have to find other ways to meet their hobbies and needs. Some people even want to buy second-hand Off White masks. For masks, this is crazy enough.

But to these people’s disappointment, their plans are likely to fail. International trade has been greatly affected by the severe situation today. Although people use more online shopping, logistics companies also lack human resources to handle the increased business.

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